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is an international journal of Dipterology, established in 1990, publishing preferably in English, original research reports and reviews, essays or point-of-view, mini reviews, and short notes, from the fields of taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny, and biogeography. Evolutionary aspects within these topics based on morphology, physiology, ecology, ethology, and palaeontology are also considered.

Dipterological Research will provide an international forum for all dipterologists. Its prime purpose is the publication of original, high quality research papers on descriptions of new taxa, taxonomic revisions, synonymic notes, phylogenetic reconstructions and most interesting new faunistic records in all groups of Diptera from all parts of the world, while ecology, ethology, applied entomology and so forth will have a minor part in the journal.

Dipterological Research will be published quarterly from February 1993, and circulated only by subscription.

Front cover picture: Sphyracephala babadjanidesi   Zaitz. (Transcaucasus). 



Our team and Yugoslavian dipterists, Bratislava, August, 1990, 2nd ICD: Gunilla Stahls, Natalia and Sergey Kuznetzov, Smiljka Simic and Ante Vujic. Photo Tore R. Nielsen.


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